tasty beef tacos


Today I‘m leaving you some tasty beef tacos in my style. As you knowI manage to cook these cymbals because I don’t get everything but I adapt.


1 kilo of beef in little pieces
1 chili aji panca since I can’t find guaque or guajillo
1/2 onion
1 medium tomato very ripe
5 garlics this to your liking
1 pointer of cumin seeds
achiote to your liking
1 tip of oregano
1 piece of chili pepper
Laurel leafs
Salt pepper to taste
1 lemon

Direction :

put to soak the aji panca, then liquefied together with all the ingredients and lemon juice and a little water, then added to the meat and let it rest for 3 hours, if you do it the day before better, then you fry her.
For companionship I made guacamol, so add lemon salt olive oil, culantro pique and onions. And ready to enjoy.



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